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The Amazing Spider-Man proved to be a total waste of time, so I am hoping that other studios will learn from this example and NOT do a senseless reboot just because there has been a change of creative teams.

At least Marvel has stated that they would go the Bond route with Iron Man - so let's hope they are true to their word.

I don't think Captain America works if he's from a different war, that's part of the reason Stan ignored 10 plus years of continuity with the character and brought him back almost exactly from the point Jack Kirby left off with him [of course, Jack was the real writer of most of these stories anyway].

Likewise, Hulk as a mutant is a totally different animal and at least Marvel has shown they understand that it is not necessary to start from scratch just because they have a slightly different take on the character.

I am waiting to see what Fox does with the FF - they could easily just move ahead with the next FF and not waste valuable screen time rehashing one of the few decent things of their first attempt. I guess we will know soon enough...

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