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Default Could JARVIS be...?

So with the conclusion of Ironman 3 we see Tony able to control the suit at any given location without being in the suit at all. This would defeat the purpose of him ever being worried he was in harm's way considering he could operate his suits from the comfort of his own basement.

Not only that but he has JARVIS control all 35 suits in the final battle, only controlling the ones he wants to. Tony could essentially sit at home and let JARVIS be Ironman and never even have to control the suit again while still "being" ironman. So this raises a lot of hurdles for what they decide to do next in the franchise ( Avengers 2.)

If the Avengers call upon Tony he could argue he's not Iron man anymore and instead build a suit and let JARVIS pilot it.


Since Ant man/Pym aren't being introduced until phase 3.. what if JARVIS becomes... ULTRON. He's a completely realistic AI system who has been developed in all 4 of the movies he's been in. So we have a developed character who has shown elements of emotion and decision making, he helped Tony out of the rubble in IronMan 3. So how cool would it be if Tony's best friend ends up becoming too smart and turns on him. Not only do we have a compelling villain and a dynamic relationship with the characters but it would also solve the problem with Tony never entering a suit again. Without Jarvis he would need to personally pilot his own suits.

Just a thought, but I think it would be an interesting direction to go in, especially in Avengers 2. What do you guys think?

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