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Default Re: Luke Cage introduced in Avengers 2, Hulk blasted into space

Originally Posted by pr0xyt0xin View Post

No I don't think that could work. Luke Cage could hardly out-muscle Captain America. Let alone Hulk. Hulk would smash puny Power Man.

Cage and Fury are both from New York. Harlem and NYC respectively. But I dont think they were very close friends in the comics (one being a government spy and one being private investigation).

A lot of people want to see Hulk blasted into space for one reason or the other (including myself) and I wouldn't mind seeing a world destroyed by Ultron. So those parts of your theory could be entertaining.
I might be a little late to mention this but...

Originally, Luke Cage was classified as having "Class 10" Strength making him far, far stronger than Captain America who is consistently rated at "Peak Human" level Strength... So, unless Rogers has or is planning to take another dose and treatment "Super Soldier Serum" as Cage was force to do Rogers will never be capable of "out-muscling" Cage; as Cage is currently in the "Class 25" strength range while Roger's is still at "Peak Human" levels. Thus, without the "Shield" Rogers would get his neck broken if Cage managed to landed a flush Left-Right to Roger's Noggin

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