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Default Re: Updated Rating for The Dark Knight Rises

I'm definitely partial to the way TDKR ended than think of something else. I liked the idea that Bruce gave Wayne Manor to the orphanage as long as it's not interfered with or worked on(as stated on the will), so to keep anyone from knowing about the Batcave except for Blake(and one could say Blake will now work at the orphanage as well), as well as Alfred looking over at Bruce and Selina but then leaving, letting Bruce have his clean slate.

And it took me for ever to realize that Wayne Enterprises would be fine when the will mentions that they will sell Bruce's contents at the manor to clear the debt while the rest that's left goes to Alfred. I swear, for a long, long time, I felt it was a plot hole that we are left to wonder what will happen to Wayne Enterprises, but it's not one after all. Wayne Enterprises should be just fine, especially with Fox back heading over the company.

And buff17, back to our conversation about the editing with Miranda/Talia in TDKR, and the main issue of Batman asking where Miranda Tate was...besides something viewed as an error, Miranda Tate IS the head of Wayne Enterprises at that time and it could be viewed, from Gordon's point of view, that Batman is just wanting to know where the head of Wayne Enterprises is so she could help with the nuclear bomb.

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