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Default Re: Updated Rating for The Dark Knight Rises

Ugh, here we go with the honesty.

I was apart of the viral for TDK (early 2007) and ever since I found out TDKR was going into production I followed every news update and posted here frequently. This movie in my mind was going to blow my socks into my mouth and out where the sun don't shine.

After about probably 10 viewings since release, I have to say, Nolan made some ballsy decisions with the movie, and most of those ballsy moves didn't help per say, but just stood out because they were "different". Lack of Batman and a lot of his tech/Batman persona (like come on....he was barely Batman until the last act of the film) and Banes death.

I loved the film when it came out, but even after my second viewing I knew something didn't feel too right. This was a easy 9/10 in July of 2012, and now as of June 2013 this movie is a solid 7.5/10. It's a great achievement in film, and acting, and visuals, just sometimes when I watch this movie, it doesn't feel right.

BB - 8/10
TDK - 9.5/10
TDKR - 7.5/10



TDKR, even though I gave it a lower rating then BB, I still consider it a better film in the trilogy because of the extensive action, Tom Hardy and his almost god sent Bane, and the hair rising score/cinematography. It's the creme de le creme of super hero movie technical achievements.

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