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Default Re: Plan out the sequels to Amazing Spider-Man

ASM2 2014
- Rhino and Electro, Chameleon as Norman Osborn (Chris Cooper)
- Midtown graduation
- Resolution of Uncle Ben's killer

Rhino causes some mayhem, Spidey stops him. In the commotion Max Dillon becomes a fan. Peter does a little freelance work for the Daily Bugle. Peter and Gwen graduate from Midtown. Harry and Betty Brant are introduced.

ASM3 2016
- Vulture (Colm Feore) and Green Goblin (Michael Massee)
- Death of Gwen Stacy
- Resolution of "untold story"

Vulture causes some mayhem that involves Oscorp. Spidey stops him. Green Goblin appears and kidnaps Gwen, leading to her death. Peter meets Eddie Brock in college (in a photojournalism course). MJ and Jameson are introduced. Alien symbiote experiments are teased at Oscorp.

ASM4 2018
- Kraven, Venom, Black Cat
- Kraven's Last Hunt

Grieving after the loss of Gwen, Spider-Man becomes less merciful with his enemies. The symbiote takes over Spidey and things get really bad. Spidey has to stop Black Cat despite having an attraction toward her. Kraven comes to New York to hunt Spidey to avenge his brother's death. Doctor Otto Octavius is introduced. Peter finds a way to remove Symbiote. It then infects Eddie Brock as a tease. MJ comforts Peter despite his attitude.

Venom 2019
- Venom (Garret Hedlund) and Carnage (Giovanni Ribisi)
- alien symbiote story line.

Eddie Brock is main character. On a self-righteous rampage to destroy those who have wronged him. He fights Spider-Man (in costume only and voiced by Andrew Garfield). Symbiote replicates itself and Venom and Spidey must team up to take down Carnage.

ASM5 2020
- Chameleon (Chris Cooper) and Mysterio (Bruce Campbell)
- introduce "master planner"
- Peter drops out of college

Out of hand crime spree in New York. Feelings between Peter and MJ develop further. Chameleon and Mysterio are an actor and special effects crime duo. MJ's acting career gets her involved. Spidey tries several times to defeat them. Octavius has his accident, becoming Doctor Octopus. Peter and MJ are happily living together.

ASM6 2022
- Doc Ock and Sinister Six
- Peter gets his job at Horizon Labs
- Jameson is made Mayor of New York

Doc Ock attacks. Spider-Man is nearly overwhelmed, but the battle ends in a stalemate. Octavius meets Aunt May and they have dinner. Ock rounds up the Sinister Six including Electro, Rhino, Vulture, Mysterio and Kraven. Spider-Man and Black Cat team up to defeat them. Peter proposes to MJ.

Venom 2 2023
- Venom vs Anti-Venom

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:

Flash Thompson is Venom after losing his legs in the Army. He is now involved with Betty Brant. He goes on several spec ops missions for the US Government. Eddie Brock returns as Anti-Venom. Spider-Man cameos.

ASM7 and ASM8 2024/2025 (AG is 40)
- Tombstone/Kingpin mob wars
- Harry Osborn Goblin
- Hammerhead and The Enforcers
- Silvermane and Silver Sable
- filmed back to back.

Spider-Man has one last hurrah against crime in New York. With the help of Silver Sable he takes down the Kingpin and Tombstone. Peter and MJ are married. MJ is preggers. Tease Spider-Girl

The Amazing Spider-Girl 2026
- "May Day" Parker
- Hobgoblin and Shocker
- Andrew Garfield plays her father

Spider-Man Unlimited 2028
- Miguel O'Hara
- Scorpion 2099 and Smythe
- Andrew Garfield cameos on pre-recorded message.

Thus ending an 12 movie adventure. 8 of which star Andrew Garfield as the titular character, 2 as a voice actor, 2 as cameos.

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