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Default Re: Could Ultron be...?

Originally Posted by Rock Sexton View Post
..... and yet this is still the MCU we're talking about. Oedipus Complex storylines in these films? I dunno that I see that happening. I see them blending his origins with things already taking place. The JARVIS thing just seems so natural ...... it would piss off all the uber fanboys, but I don't care.
The Oedipus Complex would probably be changed to a more Frankenstien Complex for the MCU. But with Ultrons AI 'mind', being based on Pym's brain somehow, the endearment to Jan may evolve anyway.
But if they take away that big a portion of what makes Hank special and interesting, why introduce him into the MCU at all. Seems counter productive.

* By the way, the Marvel Universe Wikipedia lists Tony Starks intellect as a 6, Hank Pym's as a 7, for all the doubters

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