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Default Re: 300: Rise of an Empire

I communicated with someone who has seen the film and here is some information. I have full faith that the person has seen the film.

-The film is just under 2 hours long
-The film will be rated R
-The primary heroes are Athenians and not the Spartans. The Athenian's are farmers, teachers and herders, so they are not a military culture like Sparta. They won't have the six pack look like the Spartans
-The film takes place before, during and after the events of 300
-Sullivan Stapleton in the lead role does not have the presence of Gerard Butler because he does not have that great of a body. But his performance is still strong and badass
-The action is a lot better than the first movie (!!!!)
-The brutality and blood is much more than the first film
-There are so slow motion shots which made the first film famous
-Artemisia (Eva Green) has an explicit sex scene with Themistocles (Sullivan Stapleton). He told me it was all out with lots of nudity from Green and biting and slapping and Themistocles absolute pounds Artemisisa as she makes him an offer to be a Persian General.

And now a spoiler laden plot rub-down
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
The movie begins after the end of 300. Xerxes cuts off Leonidas' head and takes it away as a trophy. Then there is a flashback sequence where Xerxes story is recounted - how he saw Themistocles kill his father Darius at the Battle of Marathon. Themistocles tells him that the Greeks are so mighty that only the Gods can defeat them. That's when Artemisia whispers in his ear that he should become a god. And he becomes the god we see in 300.

Themistocles and the Athenians fight the Persians on ships. After the slaughter of Leonidas and the 300 (mid-way through the movie), Themistocles goes through Greece to rally support. First Ephialtes is sent by Xerxes to Themistocles to ask him to surrender but is sent back. Then Artemisia tries to seduce him, Themistocles refuses her too. The war continues. In the end, when Queen Gorgo's (Lena Headey) mourning over Leonidas is over, she leads the Spartan army to the battlefront and the Spartans and Athenians together destroy the Persian army.

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