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Default Re: Classic Professor X: The Patrick Stewart Thread

Originally Posted by Double B View Post
I can't watch the interview. What does he say about Berry and Paquin?
He says he has finished filming after 4 and a half weeks and apart from going back to do ADR, Additional Dialogue Recording, (for his over credits narration I guess) he is done working on X-Men. He says he was happy to unite with his past castmembers and crew members, esp, Berry, Paquin, Mckellen, Jackman and Singer and Tom Sigel. (the cinematographer)

He said it was difficult for the production as there a re many 'leading actors' in this film and that scheduling them all was hard, He names Anna Paquin, Ian Mckellen and Halle Berry as well as himself as having other commitments and so could not stay long. He basically implies that all those actors will be returning to do more filming, (at least that's what I got from it). He mentions that they'd be filming by August, I think he thinks that's when the production ends.

At the end he says that he thinks X-Men: Days of Future Past will be the blockbuster movie of 2014. With all modesty of course.

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