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Default Re: Classic Professor X: The Patrick Stewart Thread

Agree with that.Bryan couldhold off doing stuff with them If It didn't involve the others.
Halle,Ian,Anna,and Ellen all had other commitments.Plus Omar Sy Is also starting another film.

It's very possable Bryan arranged shooting schedule for first month to accomnate the OT
cast+Omar Sy.

Shawn Ashmore may still be there.

Also let's remember In DOFP storyline most of characters are killed by Sentinles.

I believe Bryan when he did Superman returns also filmed all of Kevin Spacey's scenes In a 6 week peroid.So before people start worrying that and X2 has shown you can arrange shooting around a actor's schedule and get what you need In a short amount of time.
You would never think Ian Mckellen shot his scenes for X2 In just 2 weeks.

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