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Default Re: Russell Crowe IS Jor-El

Originally Posted by tek View Post
will Crowe play this role in a sequel?. I can't recall him ever being in one. Would have loved for his character to somehow live on.
Originally Posted by Jim-El View Post
If the direction is simular to STM, I would guess he could be in future sequels as the Fortress of Solitude's hologram.
Originally Posted by DKDetective View Post
As much as I am looking forward to Crowe as Jor-El and I think he will be the definitive portrayal of the character for me, I'd prefer they don't go the STM route. I'd rather Jor-El's hologram as seen in the Comic-Con trailer simply be a single pre-recorded message. It would make the most sense given the interview hints about Kal-El being conflicted regarding Zod and company and how he has no one else from whom he can learn about Krypton. I don't like interpretations like STM or Smallville where Superman can constantly go back to an omnipotent AI version of his father for advice.
In light of what we know now and Goyer's recent comments, John Byrne's version is an influence. In Byrne's version of Jor-El in the comics, we see Jor-El appear to Clark in many different places, in the kitchen, outside on the farm etc. And it is technology beyond Earth's understanding. Jonathan even hits the hologram and it could've electrocuted him. And Jor-El shows Krypton images to Clark, kind of "projecting" Clark there (which we've seen variations of in other media as well.)

So it'll be a good reason to keep Jor-El for sequels and also for Clark (and us) to see and learn more of Krypton's world, its history etc. and maybe for later plot points and characters.

I think it'll be good to see more of Krypton and also for Clark to better understand it.

But from what I understand of Smallville the TV show, I don't think (or hope) Jor-El will have as direct an influence on Clark as he did on that show (or even Brando's version.) More
about Krypton's past.

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