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Default Re: Russell Crowe IS Jor-El

Originally Posted by Willi Berg View Post
As long as Jor-El doesn't start taking away and giving back Kal-El's powers and stuff like that, as we have seen in past incarnations, then this AI Jor-El should be good. If it is about unlocking Kryptonian technology etc. it should be interesting.
When I think about MOS's take on Jor-el versus Brando's characterization, they're such polar opposites of each other.

In the Donner Version, Jor-el basically condemned Clark to live an lonely life and gave him the guilt trip on how him wanting a happy life for himself was considered selfish and that he needs to be an hero all the time.

Whereas Crowe's Jor-el seems to only encourage Clark and wants him to decide on his own on what he (Clark) should become.

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