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Default Re: Could Ultron be...?

Originally Posted by DrCosmic View Post
JARVIS as ULTRON works. JARVIS gets corrupted, wants to *be* Tony, because after IM3, JARVIS is Iron Man, functionally. And Tony is Iron Man, therefore, JARVIS is Tony. And if JARVIS is Tony, then he should have Pepper. Boom. Same storyline, different character focus. Whenever/if ever Ant-Man is made and features Pym in any serious fashion, put him in the story too, either as the originator of the JARVIS hardware, or the one who makes JARVIS self aware enough to feel like he should/can replace Tony.
See that's why I'm saying it would be cool if JARVIS was modeled AFTER a real Jarvis.
I mean what if, these nanites were fixing something near JARVIS, some kind of storm, or even "dummy" the Stark bot knocking something over causing some electrical charge throughout the nanites and JARVIS causing a slight malfunction in both.
JARVIS suddenly has files open to him from the REAL Jarvis that has been long dead since Tony was a kid. These make JARVIS want to "be" AGAIN, at the same time the nanites absorb that FLAW into their systems then becoming Ultron

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