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Default Re: Could Ultron be...?

I disagree strongly with your opinion of IM3, VictorShade; but agree strongly with your opinion of Ultron being a Tony Stark creation.

Again, Ultron's story is unique in the admittedly overcrowded world of killer robotics in his/its relationship with Hank Pym. Not just the Oedipal storyline; but what also adds to the Greek tragedy is the fact that Pym is such a nebbish. Pym is a born loser, a nice guy who tries too hard to measure up to the (literal) gods in his midst, and fails spectacularly most of the time. Ultron is the most visible example of this. Tony Stark, OTOH, is the luckiest sumbeech on the planet, who can *never* do wrong, even when he tries. So foisting Ultron on *his* shoulders lessens not just Hank Pym, but Tony Stark as well.

No thanks.


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