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Default Re: Discussion: The Economy, Fiscal Cliff, National Debt, And Other Financial Issues

Originally Posted by SV Fan View Post
So let's see if the Bill to repal Obamacare passes the house it then

1. Has to be brought up in the Senate
2. has to pass in the Senate
3. Obama has to sign it

So of the 3 things that need to happen, the first is very unlikely, the second is even more unlikely and the third will never happen. So yes it's a lost cause just done for show but hey they creeping on 50 tries, so maybe the 51st will be free.
Of course it's not ever going to happen. To think that a repeal of Obamacare would succeed is just flat out delusional. You're completely missing the point.

The reality is that a good chunk of the GOP delegation were elected in very conservative districts (that have become even more conservative through gerrymandering) and they were elected specifically to oppose the Obama agenda. Doing things like holding symbolic (but utterly pointless) votes to repeal Obamacare is their way of trying to fulfill their promises to their constituents the best they can. And the GOP House leadership has no choice but to go along with it because they hold no control over these Tea Party inspired members.

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