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Default Re: X-Men 3...seriously fans/people--WHY all the hate?

Originally Posted by RomyFan View Post
My hate is because 3 of the most important characters died! If they'd have kept at least Scott alive, it'd have been better for me. And I know it's because James Marsden had schedule conflicts but, darn, they should have re-scheduled or something! I understand the professor "died", I mean, he always kind of dies anyway. But... just too many people dying for me.
Important characters die in Greek tragedies and Shakespeare plays, just to name a few examples. I don't get how this is inherently wrong.

Originally Posted by RomyFan View Post
Though the final fight was pretty cool.

Originally Posted by Doomed_hero View Post
You take, to me mind you, the most important character in x-men lore (cyclops)and kill him off like he is nothing. Then to poor salt on the wound you have Logan lead the teeam giving Cyclops type speech and act like he is Jeans true love even if they really have hardly talked in the movie verse. You could have really have keptScott alive and taken over most of Logans parts concerning Jean. Even have him be able to bring her back in the end(minus all the death she causes of course). It would not have made it a perfect movie cause there where many other problems with it. but when scott died i kinda stopped caring
Cyclops was never the most important character in the movies, as he has been in the comics. But if he dies, wouldn't it have been really painful if no one led the team and gave an inspirational speech? And well, there was a connection between Logan and Jean, and it was not her saying "forget it man, I just love Scott." Wasn't here, wasn't in the previous movies.

And sure, most movies would have had no hero dead and all good guys rescued just fine. But to act like this is a rule that can't be broken, and pretending this movie is bad because of how much more traditional it could have been, it's a little too much.

Originally Posted by Angamb View Post
Ratner and Fox mainly cared for Wolverine and Storm. The other x-men werent interesting enough to make them shine.
Every X-Men movie has had to make its choice. You cannot give 15 characters the same importance. And it's clear that X-Men and X2 also favored Wolverine above the rest.

But I'd add to that list Magneto and Xavier, who were always important to the three first movies.

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