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Default Re: Watching Avengers or watching Phase One: which is the necessary action

Originally Posted by pr0xyt0xin View Post
Binker. You should watch only Avengers and tell us what you think. That particular opinion would be a rare one on this board as most people have seen more than just one solo flick.
Originally Posted by Vartha View Post
Yes, I agree! Not many people we know haven't seen the other films and the Avengers too.
I have seen very little of Avengers from the film itself, not trailers or such (except the sneak peak at the end of Cap via yt), and I'm starting to have an opinion that's more towards a positive response from one team film to another (aka Justice League).

Originally Posted by pr0xyt0xin View Post
Better yet, you should watch just Iron Man 2 and 3 and skip The Avengers. and tell us how you like the trilogy without The Avengers.
That would be hard because, while I've seen Iron Man 1, I have no interest in watching 2 nor 3. I've heard mixed opinions of 2, and after looking it up (I can handle spoilers, BTW) I feel it's one of the movies to skip because I don't feel it did anything necessary or accomplished anything, and strongly feel that Iron Man 2, after Incredible Hulk, should've been a call back to an early Marvel story and instead be about Tony taking his first SHIELD mission and fighting the Hulk (maybe call it Iron Man vs. Hulk). As for 3; I did the same thing, I feel the same way, and think that if I want to see an adaptation of sorts to Extremis, I will watch the motion comic instead.

I also want to point out that even though I'm asking about seeing Avengers only, there is an interest in seeing some of the others: I've mentioned not wanting to see Iron Man 2, but I would like to see Incredible Hulk and Cap some day ("some day" lol I laugh at that statement), while I would have to watch Thor even though I'm not a fan of the character, and I don't really care for the sequel compared to, let's say, Cap: Winter Soldier.

I also want to point out something else that will get major groans from you guys: the first two movies, Iron Man 1 and Incredible Hulk; my brother bought those DVDs many years ago, and they are behind me as we speak. I saw Iron Man 1 back in Christmas 2012, and said "Hulk was next"; haven't seen that movie yet, and it's been 5 months and 9 days since I said that. ...yup

The only think I could say to explain the delay is that: maybe I didn't want to really force myself to watch these movies, otherwise I would've not enjoyed them and instead see them as "chores to watch". y'know?


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