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Default Re: Who deserves the most credit for MCU: Phase One success?

Marvel Studios owes all their success to Robert Downey Jr and Jon Favreau, but mostly RDJ.

RDJ makes a character of Tony Stark, who isn't NEAR as interesting in the source material into a character literally almost on par with the big boys: Superman, Batman, and Spider-Man.

And it has little to do with the written character of Stark, or what he is in the source material. It's all RDJ. He makes him funny, witty, quirky. Favreau took the material seriously. So he should be credited. He took a Nolan-esque approach to the first Iron Man film.

All Feige did was come up with a no brainer of an idea. None of their characters were huge successes, or capable of sustaining major interest. So they were going to combine them anyway.

RDJ is the one who brought all of this to life. His adlibing on set, whatever, he's the one who did the leg work to get this MCU off the ground and flying.

Feige and his Marvel Studio interjections messed up TIH, and IM 2. And he ran away the best director he had out of his films in Favreau with his agenda.

RDJ is Iron Man now. Think about that. His take on the character, which is different from the source totally transcends and supersedes it.

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