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Default Re: The Mandarin in Iron Man 3...Love it or hate it? - Part 1

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
Go ahead --- keep going with your snarky insinuation that I'm a closet racist. Let's see where this goes. (*glancing up at the warning thread at the top of this page*)

The part where you're talking about Trevor's persona being an American who hated his country *was* discussed in an off-camera interview by Feige, I'll grant you that; but that story angle was never shown in the movie as released at all. In any event, the Muslim stereotyping was still said to be adopted by Trevor's character, even in that interview; along with iconography from China, Cuba, pretty much a catch-all of terrorist/rebel leaders. A stereotype of stereotypes. Still: a *stereotype.*
That doesn't matter to me. He wasn't muslim. I never saw him as muslim. And I never saw that interview either. He was clearly american to me. His iconography or actions have no bearing on his race or vice-versa, so I have no idea why you ever called him a racist stereotype or cariacature. Although I do wonder what this says about Kevin Fiege and Shane Black.
In your minority opinion, it's a crappy movie. Box office, plus critical consensus, plus audience consensus says you're dead wrong. Okay.
That's all very meaningless. Although I must say the word "crappy" is a bit too harsh in this case, as it was when you said it, as the twist itself has no actual bearing on the quality of the film. What does, however, is how it's handled and how the film progresses after it. Which is poorly in a few areas.
Good. Name them, and why you think they're "fine enough" to warrant appearances in movies. But they *would* go see a movie about a hero with a larger than life personality who's a ton of fun to watch, regardless of whose butt he does or doesn't kick. Imagine --- people going to see a movie about the hero, instead of the villain. What's the world coming to?!
People do go to see a movie for a hero. They go to see the hero overcome the challenge the villain presents. The villain will always be as important to the story as the hero. Very few people would ever go to see a movie just about either.
Dude, I shot your misconceptions down one by one, and you still continue to close your ears and go "la la la i'm not listening to you." With everything that I explained to you going over your head, and everything in the movie going over your head, I'm truly sorry, and I hope that one day you'll look back at this movie and finally understand it. But I'm not willing to bet on that; so in the meantime, I've said all I'm going to say to you. Cheers, and goodbye.
Nothing's gone over anyone's head, so I don't know why you keep pretending that you're special. You're not. Everybody understands the film. That doesn't mean anything to them as they're not pretentious and self-important like this movie, so it doesn't make it any less dumb or unnecesary to them that they were deprived of the best movie going experience possible because Shane Black himself is apparently also pretentious and self-important.

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