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Default Re: Plan out the sequels to Amazing Spider-Man

ASM2: Rhino & Electro
With the introduction of Harry and Norman Osborne.

ASM3: Vulture & Green Goblin
Goblin kills Gwen. Spidey beats Goblin until he is almost crippled however Goblin escapes.

ASM4: Mysterio, Kraven the Hunter, & Black Cat
City starts turning into chaos with all the crime being committed by Mysterio and the massive hunt Kraven has placed on Spidey. Spidey beats Mysterio and almost gets killed by Kraven but the Black Cat saves him.

ASM5: Sinister 6. (Green Goblin, Mysterio, Kraven, Rhino, Vulture, & Electro)
Spidey meets his biggest match up yet when the sinister 6 terrorize New York and give Spidey a battle that's almost impossible to win. Symbiote gets introduced at the end.

ASM6: Hammerhead and his goons, Venom & Carnage
Spidey starts to lose his mind due to everything he has been going through ever since he became spiderman and ends up taking on the black suit. With the suit he feels more angrier than ever and ends up beating a simple heist by Hammerhead and his goons and almost kills them. Gets rid of the suit and Eddie Brock takes it's forms and becomes Venom. Spidey beats him the first time and Eddie gets sent to jail with his jail partner being Kleatus Kassidy. The symbiote finds its way to the prison and takes form with both Eddie and Kleatus. Kleatus goes on a rampage thus having Spidey and Venom team up to beat him or face dying at the hands of Carnage.

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