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Default Re: Iron Man 3 - What does it tell us about Phase 2? (Major spoiler warning)

Originally Posted by jonathancrane View Post
-AIM is established.
-Roxxon - which configures heavily into the Winter Soldier arc-is established.
-Superhuman abilities can be installed into people through Killian's tech.
-Killian (and possibly AIM) have mapped other realms.
also I would add

-the new found 'emtpy brain slot'
-AIMs probable connection to Hydra (just speculating, but hope it happens in Cap2)
- the whole President/Vice President thing will probably pop up in Cap2 as well

I think Cap2 and IM3 are going to be very closely related, almost like one long movie or something haha. And I think Thor2 and GotG are going to connect as well but I can't really think of how yet. And I could see Avengers 2 being set over both planes, cosmic and Earth based with elements of each movies planted seeds to tie everything together nicely.

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