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Default Re: The Mandarin in Iron Man 3...Love it or hate it? - Part 1

Originally Posted by TheWallCrawler View Post
Kingsley's Mandarin, according to cherookesam, would've been an outrageous offending stereotype tons of people would've ranted about if there hadn't been the twist. The similar terrorist theme thing was already in Iron Man 1 and it was the one to establish that in this version it is an Afganistan terrorist ring, but there wasn't huge rallies over the moral of it or anything. And those masses that would be so easily unsettled that they'd be offended by Kingsley's portrayal as the Mandarin, they would've already ranted when the trailer hit. There may have been a few people complaning, but there are always those few whiners, so it's not relevant

besides, how is a leader of an Afganistan terrorist ring who supports chinese iconography an unacceptable stereotype? Or even a stereotype at all for that matter. One could describe Mandarin as cheesy, but saying he's an offending stereotype that would unsettle bunch of people is stretching it
I just don't get it. He keeps going on and on about how it was a "racist cariacature" or a "racist stereotype" that promoted the "racist belief" that "all muslims are terrorists" (which doesn't happen, by the way. No one walks out a of a movie thinking 'Gee goly dim dare mooslims sur were meen terrists, day all must be'). It's just nonsensical, as Kingsley's Mandarin wasn't even muslim by race! And the best villains are almost always cheesy. How else are you supposed to have fun watching them?

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