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Default Re: The Official Batman (1989) Thread - Part 3

Back to analysing the Joker

I always felt the Joker's goal in the film was a bit aimless. He goes from this to that, then that to this.
I understand that's how he works in the comics, but I don't think, on the surface, it translated that well for film.

That's why I had to analyse his motives and actions.

To start with. Jack was a narcissistic. Overtly psychotic, enjoyed hurting and killing people, even through his straight look exterior. Respected art, saw himself as art. Enjoyed being in power. Liked the women, particularly blondes!

After his scarring, he saw himself as a piece of art. This was because he couldn't cope with his once perfect look being gone.
After nearly dying, he took a different approach to life, he saw it as therapy. Releasing himself from his straight faced and boring side. Heavily embracing his enjoyment of death.
But we know not his death from the end. somebody said before, he was the Partyman...he didn't want it to end.
And perhaps he took enjoyment in it, because of his fear of it?
He screamed when falling to his own "deaths". Tried seeing the funny side in death, namely others, but not his own.

And why try to turn Gotham like him? Because he's a nut!
He wanted to scar people and make them look like him.

It wasn't just the comics calling card. It was his philosophy. He wanted to shape Gotham in his own image. Because he came to a psychotic vision in his head.
But notice how this all resulted in the deaths of people?

Is that what he wanted? To make people die with smiles on their faces? To remind himself that death is fine and funny? That they went out laughing and smiling?

And it's funny, how he came up with this plan, as soon as he saw Vicki and knew she was a photographer.
How he tracked her down and just so conveniently had this plan to use her to record his work.
He came up with it as soon as he knew what she did.

But of course, this only happened also because of the thoughts already in his head about looking like a piece of art and his views on death as the Joker.
But she catapulted his new calculating mind into overdrive.

Then when that failed. When he realised she was with Bruce. That he couldn't win her the way he thought, he just decided to kill as many people as he could.
And we should know, when things don't go his way, he kills.
He had an image to turn Gotham like himself, so he could SIMPLY hook up with Vicki. That's how crazy he is.
And when that failed, he took it out on everybody. Wanting to relive people of their failed and useless lives, and getting a laugh along the way.

Of course he was already murdering people before hand, poisoning with the Smylex.
But remember. Death to him, is art, as he stated to Vicki. He likes it.

He was looking through her portfolio, because he wanted to see her pics of her time in Corto Moltese, pics of corpes posed in model like ways. He knew it beforehand. Hence the Smylex incident. That was done for Vicki.

And I'm not forgetting that he already had the chemical plot in his mind...because we saw the file for the chemicals on a table BEFORE he saw Vicki.
He was already planning to poison Gotham...but as I said. This was because of his new views on death...asserting his fear of it and attempting to remind himself that death will be alright, as long as you've got a smile on your face....uh huh.

But it did change in some way when he discovered Vicki.

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