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Default Re: The Mandarin in Iron Man 3...Love it or hate it? - Part 1

Originally Posted by Dagenspear View Post
Why does he keep bringing up race then? I originally thought he was talking about religon, but then he just kept going back to race, so naturally I, with my severe lack of knowledge of various religons, assumed I was mistaken about it and followed suit. Seriously what's that's about? Is he trying to say that only a certain race is muslim? What does race have to do with anything then and why does he keep bringing it up?

Middle Eastern ethnicity. Okay? That make it any clearer for you? Doubt it.

You want to nitpick semantics, fine: *technically,* Comic-Book Mandarin wasn't Chinese, he was half-British, half-Chinese of Mongolian descent; but the iconography was definitely a racist stereotype of East Asians and Red Chinese in particular. It reflected a common bigotry of the time. Similarly, Movie "Mandarin" was of indeterminate ethnicity, but the *ruse* was that he was living in the Middle East (Afghanistan or Pakistan), surrounded by Middle Eastern terrorists, embracing Middle Eastern iconography, affecting a vaguely Middle Eastern accent, and was portrayed by an actor of Middle Eastern/South Asian ancestry (Kingsley's father was an Indian Muslim expatriate from Kenya). The Middle Eastern/Muslim iconography was there, blindingly obvious, and meant to invoke America's typical kneejerk reaction to "Islamofascism" (Fox News' favorite term).

What else? You want to engage in semantics about ethnicity all day? I was writing theses about it when you were still in diapers, so feel free to continue to play coy and test me. Or do you want me to sincerely believe that you're just that stupid? I don't think you are; do you?


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