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Default Re: Non Spoiler Man of Steel Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Mr. Thing View Post
Accidentally read a pretty big spoiler today, so I'm seeking refuge in here till after the release.

*soundproofs the walls*
Yeah I'm sort of scanning threads anxiously because I want my SHH hype fix, but I can't seem to find a place that's safe to step foot in for more than a few mins.

It's sad. I've seen so many people say they are just gonna stay away from the forum until it hits... Wish they'd all just post in here instead, then we'd have plenty of conversation

I think back to my father. As a farmer, he had a natural understanding for the Earth. I remember him telling me this world is capable of providing for all its creatures. Even now, with so many more people, there exists enough food for everyone.

"The problem," Pa used to say, "is people. As far back as we go, we've always had problems with sharing. Seems everyone's too busy holding on to what they've got to care how their neighbors are doing."

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