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Default Re: "You ready for another Bout?"- The Thor/Chris Hemsworth Thread

Originally Posted by jaqua99 View Post
wait...we're not on the same page lol. no one is saying Thanos can beat, or is even equal to Odin. I'm strictly talking about Thanos' durability.

It looks to me like Thanos' punch connects..but has no effect, while Odin's does. Odin blasted thanos twice, and thanos took it, but was still on the lower end. Odin then summoned the spear, and blasted thanos, once, thanos got up from it. Odin blasted thanos and he walked through it. We didn't say it was fast, it WAS slow. But the fact is that he was able to walk through a concentrate blast...and grab the spear, that was the impressive part.. before they went in the air and did whatever they did. Thanos got up slowly, but got up. Odin let him. And thanos was ready to keep going. He has since been upgraded one more time, so I personally think he would do a little better than before, but not enough to give him a good fight.

All I am saying is that Thanos is Durable enough to hang with someone on Odin's level for a little while, but he's lacking in the offensive for that specific tier.

Odin is above Thanos. That's clear. He can't beat him, he's just durable enough to hang with him, THAT'S the impressive thing.

I'm not saying he can beat him, Not that it was a good, even fight, not that he was able to hurt him, just that he was able to take Odin's punishment for like 13 pages, and survive, and look fine like a page later or something. his durability
Oh my bad bro, I've been postin from my phone lately so I haven't been able to read as thoroughly as I should. Yeah I see what you meant now and I agree wholeheartely Thanos is one TOUGH bastard.

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