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Default Re: Updated Rating for The Dark Knight Rises

Originally Posted by ShadowBoxer View Post
Anyone saying this movie is perfect is deullsional or an extreme Nolanite. Its nowhere near a 10/10 movie......... its more like a 7.5 MAYBE an 8 max. Its not a movie you will want pop in and watch over and over again. I saw it twice in theaters and twice when I bought the batcowl edition blu ray in December and haven't watched it since and have no real desire to.
I used to view the batfans who really didn't like this film as mad but it all comes down to taste. They arn't wrong it's their view. I've viewed this film too many times to count. I watched it 6 times at the theater and when I got the broken cowl bluray I watched it almost every night for a month. Now it's maybe once every 3 weeks. I'm not a nolanite, I own most of his films but two (following,because I can't find it and have never watched it before) and Insomnia because I will watch it when its on tv but will not watch it enough to buy/own it. I own Inception/prestige/memento but havent watched them in nearly 10 mths+. Nolan just happens to make movies that I really enjoy. Which are his Batfilms.

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