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Default Re: Smallville's influence in the comics, other DC media

Originally Posted by dru-zod2501 View Post
umm, you do know Dr. Hamilton's character long predates the dude from Smallville right?

Apart from the addition of a version of Lionel Luthor to Lex's back story (and to be fair that Lionel was less than a bit player, he was just a footnote in Lex's past), and some minor cosmetic changes, I really haven't seen any major influence that Smallville had on the DCU since before the New 52 through to today. The comics version of Chloe Sullivan was hyped up as Jimmy's "girlfriend" and then she disappeared as quickly as she appeared, and after that... nothing. There was very little that Smallville did, that hadn't already been done elsewhere, probably a bit better. So no, Smallville's influence, beyond keeping the characters in the public eye, wasn't that significant
I'm pretty sure he/she means the actor who played Emil, Alessandro Juliani, who's playing a Sargent in Man of Steel among a couple of other Smallville actors making appearances in the movie.

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