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Default Re: MCU-ize Marvel Characters

Zoken's Spider-Man by way of Chronicle is simply awesome. It would have totally removed ASM from the Raimi films. Would have been brilliant. Brilliant.

I like Ant-Maniac's film, except for the quick introduction of him as a superhero. That story, and investing in that is important, and rushing to get a story best suited for a sequel could backfire. For instance, if we don't have time to care about Maria as a person, her death is meaningless to everyone but Pym, creating a disconnect. The rest, though is pretty awesome.

But, let me not critique without give you guys something to ransack. Very Wanda-centric.

Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch

Act I:

Pietro and Wanda Maximoff are Eastern European Gypsies, twins, and it turns out, adopted by their parents. Wanda is a dreamer, and Pietro is a hothead. Neither feels like they belong. When a werewolf type thing attacks, they try to fight it off, and end up burning down some important stuff. Pietro is kicked out, and Wanda goes with him to protect him, together, they decide to track this werewolf and prove their innocence. When they get there, they are attacked by mutant animal creatures, including the earlier werewolf Man-Beast, until a cow-woman comes out and tells them to stop. Bova, as she is called, recognizes them as the Lost Children of Wungadore, and demands they be let in. Here they meet Man-Beast, whose hesitation to kill Wanda has already blossomed into amicability. They also meet White Tiger, who hates Wanda and respects Pietro, and Mongoose, who thinks of the two as adorably useless distractions, and other non-notables. They are suddenly left to themselves as they are surrounded in green mist, the Isotope C, which causes them to cough, and then gain super powers. Pietro's are clear, Wanda's are not, though the probability effect is well implied and becomes clearer throughout the film. During this moment, from the mist emerges The High Evolutionary. He talks like Darth Vader and Bane combined. Deep basso voice with an English accent, filtered by his suit. He then details them his plan as he explains his plan, which is, in effect the EXACT same plan from Amazing Spider-Man, just with super powers instead of scales. New World. One where anyone, no matter how extraordinary, can belong.

Act II

Drafted into the New Men, Wanda and Pietro feel like they belong, and have little reason to disagree with the misguided notions of those who wish to stop them from evolving the world. They end up fighting SHIELD, using their new powers and High Evolutionary's technology, they have little problem dispatching their squads. They successfully set off the gene bomb full of Isotope C, and it gives some people powers... say we meet Dazzler, since Marvel has the rights, but seems to discomfort several others that the twins don't see. Cameo a MCU here if need be, say Hawkeye. There's some stuff in here about character development and exploring powers and the theme of the film about belonging. When the twins go help set off a big gene bomb in a major city, they are stopped when Wanda hesitates to kill the SHIELD agent. Wanda is captured protecting her brother, and she is interrogated by Hawkeye, or perhaps if not him, some lesser SHIELD agent, like Clay Quartermain. Here she finds out that humans without a particular genetic marker are killed by Isotope C. Bummer.

Act III:

Swayed, and then released, Wanda goes to confront The High Evolutionary and the New Men, but SHIELD follows her. A vicious ambush puts the New Men on the run, and Wanda is now caught between a massive conflict. Quicksilver is badly injured, and the New Men are nearly overrun, but then Pietro overdoses on Isotope C, and uses it as a weapon, and tilts the fight back in their favor. Wanda sees the bloodbath, Bova is killed in crossfire, Quicksilver fights through his injury, Man-Beast and Quartermain/Hawkeye are locked in a battle to the death and the High Evolutionary cares not for their plight, remaining in his subchamber to continue his work. Wanda then overdoses on Isotope C and proceeds to ransack everyone, nullifying attacks, crumbling weapons and supports and more. She pwns, basically. In the end, she returns the New Men to their original states, happy animals, ending the fight. Quicksilver falls from exhaustion. Wanda, still in a bit of a haze, goes to confront The High Evolutionary, locking out SHIELD from his sub chambers for their own protection. The megalomaniac proceeds to, using superior tech and intelligence, whoop her tail. She's about to kill him when bursting through everything comes Quicksilver, who will never let anything hurt his sister. The High Evolutionary (THE), devoid of his mystique and his technological advantage, proceeds to start to undo things and people, Movie-Phoenix-like, at which point, Wanda counters by holding them together, even fixes and undoes Quicksilver's injury. This sort of duel continues as other people are told to clear out, the whole place is coming down around THE and Scarlet Witch. We have dramatic cuts as these two begin to rip the entire world around them apart. Quicksilver helps Quartermain/Hawkeye escape, and we see the animals fleeing as well. The mountain crumbles and implodes and there is silence as everyone looks on. Then the mountain rebuilds itself, unimplodes and then slowly out of the caves, you see THE's helmet for a moment, and then realize it's being carried by Wanda, who throws it on the ground triumphantly. Celebration for a moment then, oh wait, Maria Hill shows up, you're both still under arrest. Bummer.

After credits: THE has survived, though not unscathed, just without his helmet. He kneels before "The Other" (Thanos' second banana), who berates him for failing to use the genetic isotope that he had been gifted with. THE tells him that the Scarlet Witch has awakened. The Other gives a significantly ominous response. Someone drops the word "Inhuman" in there somewhere.

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