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Default Re: Latest Anime you watched? - Part 1

Originally Posted by Nathan View Post
Fading, thank you for recommending me Seto no Hanayome. That whole Anime was just too epic. I just love the whole Seto Clan. Hell, I love everyone. Especially Terminator Dad. I actually threw my hands into the air and shouted "YES!" when he finally decided to join the battle.

And the Song of Heroes is too badass.

I was actually surprised by the final episode. That last battle was pretty badass for a comedy series. It had that same kinda brilliant spark as Toppa Tengen for a moment. What almost made me spit my drink though was when Lunar's father was cross dressing. The hero looks out of the window across the street, and this big buff guy dressed as a school girl suddenly, "Kyaaa"'s, and closes the curtain. It was just so random I was cracking up.

I was trying to think of another funny anime in that vein I've watched this year, but can't think of one atm. I mean I've been watching a lot of comedy, and slice of life style animes recently, but nothing quite as wacky. However this popped into mind.

Chuunibyou demo Koi ga ****ai. Hmm, it censored the last word. It's basically the s cussword with ai at the end of it. I'll just link a few YT videos so you can see if the humors your style. There's plenty of humor outside of the fake fighting stuff, but these scenes popped into mind.

Basically the main guy had what the anime calls "8th grade syndrome". He walked around calling himself the "Dark flame master", striking poses, talking about juice restoring his class. He got over it, but was so embarrassed when entering high school he switched to one where no one would know him. However he finds a girl who acts exactly like he acted in middle school, and she pulls him back into that world against his will.

The fights make me laugh because of the way it switches back to reality. You see this big epic fight, then it switches back to reality and just looks really, really akward, lol. Outside of the fighting there's plenty of humor as well. Anyway, I'll try to think of something else closer to My Bride is a Mermaid later.

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