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Default Re: What was wrong with the current trilogy?

Originally Posted by topdog1 View Post
I certainly agree with that Cyclops complaint. I know why it happened (Marsden jumping ship leaving few shooting days on X3) but that doesn't make it any easier. Also, setting up Colossus beautifully in X2 but to waste him in X3 (with worse CG looking powers)was a shame. Beast looked great and was perfectly cast but essentially wasted as well. I liked X3 but it did feel a bit rushed. A masterful film like X2 was going to be tough to follow anyway but circumstances made it harder on everyone.

Complaints aside, the X-Trilogy honestly stacks up with any movie trilogy in history. (Spidey, Indy, Rocky, Bourne, Star Wars, etc.) X3 lost some steam for the franchise but still found enough to finish it properly. It was more money concerns that led to spin off films instead of shooting an X4.
Agreed on the Cyclops and Colossus comments.

The worst part about the entire franchise is that they've taken a team franchise (comics and cartoons) and made it focus all three films on one main character (Wolverine). I can understand with the first film the audience needs someone to relate to as a point of entry in this world but after that they continued to minimize the rest of the cast to small supporting roles. Additionally they removed most if not all of the fantastical elements of the franchise. It stripped it of some of the more exaggerated villains like Apocalypse, Sinister, the Savage Land, etc.

In a post Marvel Universe industry the standards have been set pretty high for comic based films. We have learned to accept and even expect large epic battles and spectacle. Also Avengers showed us how to balance a team movie amongst an ensemble cast without minimizing anyone. Avengers actually felt like a team, X-men was always the Wolverine show.

I think that's ultimately the failure of the franchise. First Class gave a glimmer of hope by focusing on other main characters and leaving Wolverine out, thank goodness. But now with Singer back it looks it will be more of the same. This franchise will have to work some real magic if expects to be anything like the Marvel U.

It is past time for a complete reboot of this franchise and I think it's a real mistake to continue it as is. Batman has been rebooted, Spider-man has been rebooted, Superman has been rebooted, I'm sorry but X-men and Wolverine are not above being rebooted. A change in look, tone, and actors may actually spark some genuine interest in this franchise. But more of the same? What's the point.

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