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Default Re: Ideas for the new costume in the Batman reboot

Originally Posted by spidermanJLA!~ View Post
I think that they should do it for the the sake of being faithful to the comics. If he's already established there is no need to explain why since there is no origin. I think that if you can't sit down and watch the movie without thinking "Why is he in gray?!!!!" then that's just over analyzing. (Not that anyone said that)
Another cool pic:
That right there my friend is Perfection! I think if we can suspend belief on every other non-impervious superhero, that they don't need to walk around in a fully armored costumes then we can do the same with Batman. Plus if they have a more scifi spin on it this time around (more like Marvel films) then they can always say the material is bulletproof etc. It doesn't have to look like armor to work. The pic above to me is equivalent to how they handled Captain America in First Avenger. A proper adaptation that is very respectful of the costume but that make is feel more tactical and practical...see what I did there

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