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Default Re: Non-Spoiler Review thread

Here is an exert from a report from another site: (NOTE: It's old, but I had never seen it)

Actor Nick Jones Jr. recently tweeted, “I guess I can say this now. I saw Man of Steel the other day at a special screening…. It was a masterpiece of epic proportions.”

Nick Jones Jr. also answered some non-spoiler type questions about the movie. When asked how the Man of Steel compared to the Dark Knight, Nick Jones Jr. tweeted, “Honestly…… BETTER.”

When asked to describe the fight scenes, Nick Jones Jr. tweeted, “Watchmen meets Avengers.” In regards to the CGI, Nick Jones Jr. tweeted, “Good stuff. I think his cape was cgi in some scenes. Really looked cool.”

In regards to the score, Nick Jones Jr. tweeted, “Two words: Hans Zimmer.”

In regards to how Henry Cavill did, Nick Jones Jr. tweeted, “Henry Cavill = Superman/ClarkKent.”

In regards to how essential the Daily Planet is to the story, Nick Jones Jr. tweeted, “How could it not be? Laurence Fishburne for President!”

In addition to calling it a masterpiece, Nick Jones Jr. also tweeted, “It’s one of those rare films you want to see multiple times to fully grasp its creative magnitude. #ManOfSteel.”

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