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Default Re: Non-Spoiler Review thread

At moments(mainly in the beginning on Krypton during the talk with the Elders) the camera can be a little too shakey.

I feel that some things weren't explained thoroughly enough, and some weren't explained at all.

Some characters weren't as fleshed out as they needed to be. But the overall acting was commendable. Great jobs all around.

The action does indeed blow TA out of the water imo. It is truly brutal. It's like watching a dc animated show/movie fight live-action. And you know how hardcore those fights can be.

Certain scenes that I expected to be in the movie weren't, but it wasn't a huge deal. I actually liked that Snyder didn't do the movie adhering to my expectations, but at the same time, reached my expectations beautifully. There are also certain scenes that should have been expanded on.

The Kryptonians weren't really fleshed out, but I understood the reasoning for it and think it's a slick way to do it. They aren't designed to go through emotional and personal changes like, say, Superman. They were engineered with a purpose. That's not to say the other Kryptonians didn't show any emotion, because they did. Zod is the main Kryptonian that went through the most emotions, though(excluding Supes).

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