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Default Re: MCU-ize Marvel Characters

Originally Posted by DrCosmic View Post
I like Ant-Maniac's film, except for the quick introduction of him as a superhero. That story, and investing in that is important, and rushing to get a story best suited for a sequel could backfire. For instance, if we don't have time to care about Maria as a person, her death is meaningless to everyone but Pym, creating a disconnect.
i'm fine with the forward being stretched out into the first movie (with my treatment being the sequel). but i wanted to establish Pym as a reluctant hero (Maria's death kind of puts him back in his shell). and i wanted the Ant-Man stuff to be kind of in his past, so that he could smoothly transition into being Giant-Man; in an Avengers movie. he's kind of a spindly teen in the flashback. that works better for the Ant-Man look that i imagine. and his frame would have filled out by the time we re-meet him. but i'm flexible.

p.s. it's funny that you mention the disconnect over Maria. because that's exactly how it was in the books; to many people. do you ever see posters mention Maria? would any of them even know that she was the inspiration behind his study of ants?

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