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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion - Part 5

Originally Posted by narrows101 View Post
Newton Thomas Sigel

Worked with Singer onthe first X-Men, Jack the Giant Slayer, Valkyrie, Usual Suspects and Superman Returns. Also did Drive, among others.
Since the Ususal Suspects he has been Bryan's DP on almost all his directing
projects even the pilot of House that Bryan directed.I think the only one he
didn't was the Mockingbird line pilot.

He will have the record on X-Men films as DP with 3 films.No other DP on films has done more than 1.

When ever Bryan directs a film him and John Ottman are guranteed to be working with him Inless unavailable like when Ottman couldn't score X-Men due to directing urban legends:Final cut

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