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Default Re: How could this version of Superman support BIZARRO?

Originally Posted by gkokujin View Post
I noticed that everyone is wrapped up in Brainiac, Metallo, and other villains. But no one has mentioned Bizarro!

What are some ways that you guys think they could introduce Bizarro into this movie universe?
I thought Bizarro should be introduced in the following manner (based on All-Star Superman, and Luthor: Man of Steel):

Following the Kryptonian attack on Earth, Lexcorp takes samples of Superman's blood.

From that they clone their own Superman, physically different enough that he could be played by a different actor, designed to serve Lexcorp interests. He would be a corporate Superman, his replacement and competition.

As the two compete to save people around Metropolis the clone becomes awestruck with Superman, who becomes his mentor almost and the two strike up a genuine friendship. Considering his less than natural origins, Lois calls him "a Frankenstein bizarro Superman" and the name Bizarro becomes used amongst the Planet staff.

However, the clone is slowly failing. His mind slowly decays as the genetic imprint of Superman and his memories assert themeselves upon him. But the memories are twisted, fractured like a broken mirror.

(This isn't relevant to how Bizarro would be approached, but would be essential to the plot, so it needs to be included:

Bizarro would converse with Lex who berates him. He chides the clone who has developed his own mind as he was only created to serve as a host to the Brain InterActive Construct. Upon the first attempt to merge their minds Bizarro sees some of the plans of BrainIAC. But after the failures, the clone is no longer seen as viable and they no longer try to preserve his life.)

The clone begins acting increasingly erratic, as his body turns stony, until he reaches the point where he requires putting down by Superman himself. He runs away from his friend feeling betrayed, his mind now in the final stages of decay.

Deciding that the rest of the world is wrong, he takes it upon himself to be a better Superman and whilst staring into a mirror he burns Superman's symbol into his own chest.

Bizarro feels that the best way to prevent crime is to force people to live in harmony, remembering some of the first words "he" ever heard his father say "he'll be a god to them". However, his plans fail consistently as people constantly reject their saviour. Once again turning to his father he remembers the plans of BrainIAC, who intends to destroy Earth, while the clone intends to rocket himself offworld, in the reversal of Clark's birth.

Superman and the clone battle and the clones body finally gives out entirely as he suffers cardiac arrest. The clones dies thinking he is assured of victory. Superman places a letter from the clone addressed to him and places it in the Fortress.

(btw- in the rest of the plot, Lexcorp manufactures a cyborg body for Brainiac, who summons his Skull Ship to Earth, intending to draw all knowledge, take samples and then destroy the planet. Superman battles and defeats him and discovers that he has Kandor on his ship [Kandor would be shrunk on the basis that 99% of everything is empty space, Brainiac can remove space from those atoms] and places that too in his Fortress).

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