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Default Re: X-Men 3...seriously fans/people--WHY all the hate?

Originally Posted by Racer Morose View Post
It's perfectly explained. Jean is no Jean any more. Her negative instincts are all unbounded, that's very well explained in the movie. Her emotions are not only madly strengthened but also mixed. Her passion for this significant one from the past got mixed with her destructive instincts. Eros and thanatos together with no control whatsoever. She also killed Xavier himself, what the heck did he ever do to her. And even Magneto was slightly scared of her too.
Sorry but it's woefully inconsistent. Her first instinct is to kill the man she love, after kissing him? How does that make sense? She doesn't kill Magneto who presented a persistent threat, she doesn't kill Xavier until he provokes her so even that makes a little more sense. Scott actually frees her from the watery grave and the first thing she does is kill him? THAT MAKES NO SENSE!!!! I don't care how you spin it, the logic just isn't there.


Heh, "perfectly teased" is another term for "underused." No matter what, you cannot give every character a lot of time in a movie like this. There's just no way. Cyclops was underused in every movie according to many fans. It's far from being a problem of this movie exclusively.

But yes, Kitty and Juggernaut worked because their powers are diverse, it's not just the very strong vs very strong usual fight. And that's the richness of having such a diversity of super-powers. You can control metal, what good is it against a plastic cell; you can heal yourself, what good is when another mutant can take your powers away.
It wasn't brain surgery, just have those two guys throw down a little, it was perfectly setup. It would've at least given Colossus a meaningful role in the film even if it was short, taking out the Juggernaut. But again he's wasted.


Nope. He saved his father who was ashamed of him before. He gave another angle to the mutant issue, showing what happens if the mutant "condition" affects within his own family to one important man directly involved in the "anti-mutation cause." That son showed his dad that mutation was nothing to be ashamed of, whereas his own father had been ashamed of him.

The story needed further development, sure, but in so little time it did what it needed to.
I guess I just don't remember that much but it seemed like why even add the character for such a small role and lack of development. We saw plenty of angles on the Mutant view point we didn't need him added for that.


You have that conflict when she faces Magneto and Xavier, and then when she faced Logan. And asking Logan to kill her was her redemption by showing remorse of what she was then.
It just seemed like so little. I mean again her first action is to kill Scott but them everyone gets a free pass until the end of the film (except for Xavier who provoked her). How is that logical? It felt more like character assassination. I really wish her story was the focus instead of the background.

As you say, this is not this movie characteristics but every single one of them (I'm talking about the first trilogy, of course). In movies overpopulated with superheroes you have to make your choices, but X-Men TLS didn't do any differently as its predecessors.
Oh I agree but why keep expanding the cast if your focus will always stay with one person? Just more background/underdeveloped characters. I really hope for a Wolverine non-focused X-men franchise one day. And it really needs a full reboot bc as it will continue to tie-in to the previous franchise and miss the opportunity to tap into the more exotic aspects of the X-men universe like space travel, the savage land, etc. Not the fault of this movie per se but just the franchise as a whole.

That's not his master plan and I know you must understand this. Otherwise consider Senator Pleasury underwhelmed.

Many of those either were in the movie or were common to every X-Men movie man.
What was the master plan other than stopping the mutant cure? For the grand finale I remain underwhelmed.

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