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Default Re: Robin or no Robin?

I'd like to see a Robin with the same balance of comic-book faithfullness and realistic feel that Batman had in Begins. Some kind of middle balance between Burt Ward/Batman Forever and John Blake. Some genuine plausible reason for why Batman lets him fight alongside him, why he wears circus colours. I had an idea of a Nolan type film where a circus comes to Gotham and plays in a theatre, his parents get assasinated, he grows up living with a foster family but keeps a friendship with Bruce, and by the time he actually goes out to fight alongside Batman he has proved he is capable.

Or even just a time where Batman is helped by Robin once, like how Dent was only Two Face one night in TDK. Like he helps Bruce fight terrorists attacking his circus, so you get the visual image of Batman and Robin together without the moral problem of explaining how Batman can put him danger long term.

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