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Default Re: What was wrong with the current trilogy?

Originally Posted by Daybreak_st View Post

In a post Marvel Universe industry the standards have been set pretty high for comic based films. We have learned to accept and even expect large epic battles and spectacle. Also Avengers showed us how to balance a team movie amongst an ensemble cast without minimizing anyone. Avengers actually felt like a team, X-men was always the Wolverine show.

It is past time for a complete reboot of this franchise and I think it's a real mistake to continue it as is. Batman has been rebooted, Spider-man has been rebooted, Superman has been rebooted, I'm sorry but X-men and Wolverine are not above being rebooted. A change in look, tone, and actors may actually spark some genuine interest in this franchise. But more of the same? What's the point.
I think Last Stand's final battle was a huge step in "large epic battles and spectacle". The was the first time we saw the X-Men (and comic heroes in general) engage in a 6 on 100+ battle. And seeing Phoenix obliterate Alcatraz Island along with 100s of mutants and American soldiers was the first "comic book" scene we saw in comic films.

And I do agree, even though I am anxiously anticipating Days of Future Past, I will be more than happy if/when Marvel finally retains the rights to my favorite characters in comics and reboots the X-Men franchise.

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