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Default Re: TIH vs. Ang Lee's Hulk

Originally Posted by GremlinZilla89 View Post
I think Ang Lee's Hulk is THE most underrated superhero film ever made. I consider it somewhat of a flawed masterpiece. It's did the whole serious/dramatic take of the hero thing before Nolan got all the credit for it. Not knocking Nolan, but Lee did it first.

The Incredible Hulk is the only MCU film I really felt let down by. It feels too much like the TV show and the action is entirely underwhelming. Even the final fight, which just had Hulk and Abomination giving each other headlocks in a courtyard for most of it is a letdown.

Ang Lee's Hulk has real scope and grandeur. That desert chase/battle is amazingly realized and executed. Hulk looks better (even if he is brighter green, which never bothered me) than the 08 film where he looks really rubbery and plastic most of the time. I honestly don't get how people see Angs Hulk as being more fake looking. The texture of his skin, his facial expressions, his movements are all more believable looking and rendered FAR better than in TIH. I guess the bright green throws people off...
I bought into the drama of Ang's film. I felt for Bruce and Betty. Nick Nolte kills it in his roll. Sam Elliot is an awesome General Ross (Hurt is just boring imo) and even though it's a heavy, depressing film at times it still feels like a comic book film. Unlike TIH, which feels like a bigger budget episode of the TV show.
If you can get over the poor design of the Hulk-dogs, you'll find a pretty badass action scene.

Pretty much agreed on all accounts! Ang Lee made a very Conceptual film in my opinion from the way bruce describes turning into the Hulk to the dreams/visions in his mind, just some amazing parts in there with some serious depth. And much better acting all around. IH on the other hand was kind of fun but no real substance. I liked the creation of the Leader, hope we'll see him again someday.

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