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Originally Posted by psylockolussus View Post
Because the cast of First Class didn't so well at the box-office compare to the first four X-Men films? Money matters the most to studios.

Fan-boys will complain about the roles for most of the characters especially like Storm, Cyclops and Rogue but most of the general audience couldn't care less if Wolverine camera hogs and those three aren't close to the comics. People just want to see a good and entertaining film.

We could only hope that Bryan Singer will give those characters more justice since this is the third X-Men movie that he's directing.
You also need to realize that Hugh Jackman turned Wolverine into a popular character for the film franchise. Before the first film most people other than comic fans only knew the character from the cartoon or not at all. Hugh Jackman was a great choice and the film launched his US career. Now he's considered a solid actor and he plays Wolverine. That doesn't mean that the only reason people watch these movies is bc of Wolverine. They've been groomed that way. Every movie has featured him while the other characters are in the background so a movie without hm may just seem odd to regular people. But FC got solid reviews especially regarding Fastbender's performance. He stole the show the same way Jackman did and he's gained notoriety for it. Oftentimes the launching movie of a franchise only doe so well because people aren't familiar with it or may way to see it on video. But if it's solid then the follow up film often pulls in bigger numbers. The franchise can succeed without the original cast. What they need is high calibur performances from actors like Jackman and Fastbender to drive the franchise forward.

The only real problem with FC class is the other Beast most of the characters didn't get much development or stand out. Just a bunch of background folks again. If they ever want the franchise to do as well as the Marvel films then they have to find there way to a truly ensemble film with solid performance and great story throughout.

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