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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion - Part 5

I know the first 5 X-Men films offer up a lot of continuity issues, and I think XMOFP will correct some of these, but I was wondering how many are really that important. I mean which ones would you be able to just say "no big deal" about.

It seems to me that only a few HAVE to be addressed.

1) Prof X (Stewart) coming back (yeah I know there's a half-asses explanation in X-3 but I think it has to be explored)

2) IF Cyclops and Jean return

3) How Mystique turns from nice girl to killer assassin

4) Eric and Charles creating Cerebro

5) Charles walking in Origins and X3

Other than these is there anything that is such a big issue? I mean Emma in XM or Scott or Storm in XM:FC seem like Easter Eggs. Does it bother you to ignore these? I'm curious.

Just really psyched fir XMOFP and the continuity errors don't matter that much to me.

But I'm curious as to other people's opinions

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