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Default Should this be the end for Hugh? reboot finally?

I guess Hugh knows the truth. this could be the end. he even said it.

maybe this is his way of saying that The Wolverine is good but not that good to warrant another sequel.

Lets be honest. had x-men orgins been the film the trailers had promised us then we would be having a different conversation now.

basically we could have had an epic-quality wolverine prequel trilogy meant to make the wolverine fans happy. instead we're getting a quality First Class prequel trilogy instead.

i mean the cinematics for the video game for orgins were more entertaining than the film. that's just sad. i mean they could've done a toned down version of what was in the cinematics and got away with that.

i mean just imagine how orgins would've turned out had they put the same type of effort and quality story telling into orgins by being consistent with what was shown in the x1-x2 flashbacks, re-creating the 80's and doing quality action and a good tragic-revenge-love story - the trailers showed us.

i like how they're recreating the past in the first class films. but hey it's water under the bridge now for orgins.

but will audiences ever take wolverine seriously again? they have now used up all the best x men story-lines and wolverine stories.

my hope is DOFP and The Wolverine will acknowledge only the first 3 films, and orgins can be retconned and be viewed as alternate contunity.

kinda-like they do with the highlander sequels.

i mean what else can they do after DOFP and a 3rd FC film? even if DOFP and The Wolverine do well. i don't see them making like Iron Man 3 / Avengers/ Dark Knight money.

after the last first class film.

i say they should just reboot x-men. and just do it right this time.

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