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Originally Posted by Daybreak_st View Post
The way you swoon over these movies you sound like a pretty big fanboy yourself I'm just saying the movies were fine and they had their day the same as the pre-Nolan Batman franchise, the Spidey franchise and the Superman franchise. Good for their time but not irreplaceable. I feel the same way about the X-men franchise. The longer they keep making these films the more bogged down they'll become. Make a clean break with a long overdue reboot, which is what First Class should've been and you can really take the franchise in a fresh direction.
Spider-Man was rebooted because Sam Raimi didn't want to return. And the cast wouldn't sign up if Raimi wasn't directing.

Batman had to do a reboot because of the poor reception of Batman/Robin. And its being rebooted again because Christopher Nolan doesn't want to make a 4th Batman film and Christian Bale would only return for a 4th film if Christopher Nolan is the director.

Superman had to do a reboot because Superman Returns was a big disappointment at the box-office.

So far, those things hasn't happened to the X-Men movie series yet.

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