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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion - Part 5

Originally Posted by Gary Griffith View Post
hey psylockoulussus. I actually feel they can fix the Cerebro problem in this film, but the walking Charles is tough. But would it bother you IF they ignore the whole walking Xavier stuff? And would it bother you that much if they ignored other continuity errors and just continued with great X-Men films? I mean how important is the continuity to you? Not trying to be a d-bag or anything. Just curious
In my opinion, after DOFP is released. They should just move forward with the present times.

I don't think its really necessary to fix all the continuity errors that made, because some of us could just ignore them and enjoy the movie.

And the more they focus on the past, there's probably more possibility in creating continuity errors.

So forget about the past and move forward to the present times.

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