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Originally Posted by psylockolussus View Post
Spider-Man was rebooted because Sam Raimi didn't want to return. And the cast wouldn't sign up if Raimi wasn't directing.

Batman had to do a reboot because of the poor reception of Batman/Robin. And its being rebooted again because Christopher Nolan doesn't want to make a 4th Batman film and Christian Bale would only return for a 4th film if Christopher Nolan is the director.

Superman had to do a reboot because Superman Returns was a big disappointment at the box-office.

So far, those things hasn't happened to the X-Men movie series yet.

I can understand some of the disappointment the fans have towards the utilization of the characters (for example, while Nolan is one of my cinematic heroes, I felt more could have been done with Crane in Batman Begins.) However, it is premature to reboot: some have cited the age of the franchise (14 years) but, in context of the series, before DOFP, there were four films. While it under-performed, First Class did re-ignite the franchise after X3. DOFP is going to continue rejuvenating the series, which will hopefully occur with the next film.

Again, I understand the criticism of over-exposure of a brand, but, I feel we have not reached that point yet. Excluding Origins, the "worst" X films have still have been successful to some degree, whether it be critically (First Class) or financially (X3). Atop of that, most of the OT actors are still in good shape; the only one who stands out is Ian McKellan, whose performance in the Hobbit - namely, the first scene with Bilbo-seemed drained of his usual vigor. Otherwise, he was fine in the film; that was the scene that stood out to me. Still, Professor X and the rest of the X-team are still ripe, in terms of performance and age.

Again, in the case of McKellan (which I cited anecdotal evidence to play Devil's advocate,) they do not have to have Magneto in every X-film. There's a pantheon of villains who have not been tapped yet: Sinister, Apocalypse, the Hellfire Club (any of the iterations,) or heck, some of the aliens (Shi'ar,) or classic monsters (Krakoa, Sauron, and so on,) can easily fill the bill.

The concern of brand over-exposure diminishes the richness of the comic franchise; saying that Magneto, Stryker, and the Sentinels are the only villains ignores a ton of great storylines and characters they can cull from.

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