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Originally Posted by psylockolussus View Post
Spider-Man was rebooted because Sam Raimi didn't want to return. And the cast wouldn't sign up if Raimi wasn't directing.

Batman had to do a reboot because of the poor reception of Batman/Robin. And its being rebooted again because Christopher Nolan doesn't want to make a 4th Batman film and Christian Bale would only return for a 4th film if Christopher Nolan is the director.

Superman had to do a reboot because Superman Returns was a big disappointment at the box-office.

So far, those things hasn't happened to the X-Men movie series yet.

The point is films regardless of how cherished can be successfully rebooted. Period. Thus far it's worked out pretty well. You say there's no need to reboot the films and maybe DOFP will reset them on a solid path. You may be right. As it currently is I can't even see them using characters like Apocalypse, Sinister, the Shi'Nar empire and making them fit well into this franchise.

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