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Default Brainiac in the sequel

My favorite Superman villain and perhaps the one who deserves most to be the next villain brought to life on the big screen. I was satisified with the announcement of Zod as the villain in Man of Steel, because at the least, it meant Lex Luthor wouldn't be. Lex's absence gives way to a question of who will be fighting Superman in the possible follow up to Man of Steel. The marketing for the film has been great, people are excited and buzzing and kids are wearing Superman capes, so I think it's safe to say the movie will be a big box office success and give way to a sequel. Now, I think it's practically a certainty that Luthor will be in the follow up to Man of Steel in some capacity. He's the number one foe to Superman.

Well what about Brainiac? He's arguably the number two villain in Superman lore and with today's special effects and attention to comic book details, there's really no excuse not to do him. Luthor has been done four times and deservedly so needs to be adapted into this new world of Superman, but so does Brainiac. From my point of view, it's not of a question of if but of when. We've seen from the Chris Nolan Batman films Ra's Al Ghul, the Scarecrow, the Joker, Two-Face, Bane, Catwoman, and Talia Al Ghul; real top tier villains from the Batman mythology. I except these Superman movies to follow suit. I'm not asking for seven villains in three movies, but with those films, it feels like, among the other themes and events covered in the trilogy, they definitively covered the villains gallery of Batman with their great characterization and acting and that's what I want with Superman. Brainiac's shrinking of Kandor is to Superman as Bane's mental and physical demolition is to Batman.

The entire Superman film franchise feels incomplete without a adaptation of Brainiac having been done and the burden is now on whoever takes on the helm of the sequel(s) to Man of Steel. I say don't take your chances on holding onto him as the last ace in the hole. If he and Luthor team up in the same film, great. I'd love to see that. In fact, their alliance seems like an essential part to the story of Superman, Lex, and Brainiac. On the other hand, I can completely get behind a movie where Brainiac is the sole antagonist to the story. He, or it if you prefer, has too much potential to be left on the comic book page.

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