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Default Re: Should this be the end for Hugh? reboot finally?

Originally Posted by def28 View Post
It's not. This franchise is mapped out so bad even the hardcore fans don't know what's in continuity or not. A clean slate would be the best thing for the franchise. Even if the OT actors stay they are still wiping their slate/fixing ****, which is more confusing/difficult to pull off then just introducing a whole new crew and having a fresh start.
Business-wise, its not a good idea to reboot this series especially the interest for X-Men movies are starting to rise up again. Its also easier to just make a sequel from an established franchise than to start from scratch.

Of course its easy for fan-boys to suggest that a reboot should happen because they want things to be more similar to the comic-books, but seriously, if you are a producer of this series and you still have most of the cast/crew willing to return and the general audience wants to see more films. You are gonna think twice about doing a reboot.

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